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OpenWrt Basic tutorials

by Xusmile 27 Dec 2023 0 Comments

一、Brief introduction

OpenWRT is a highly modular, highly automated embedded Linux system with powerful network components and scalability, and is often used in industrial control devices, telephones, small robots, smart homes, routers, and VOIP devices.

二、Installation environment:

1.Miniroute M1 N305


三、Create VM New virtual machine creation type

select create a new virtual machine,Then click Next.

2.Select a name and guest OS

Guest OS family select Linux,Guest OS version select other 5.x Liunx(64-bit)

3.Select storage

Leave it as default and click Next

4.Customize settings

We can get rid of the hardware that we don't need(Hard disk1 、SCSI Controller 0、USB controller1、CD/DVD Drive1)

Select Add hard disk Existing,then select hard disk.First, create a folder and upload the two converted VMDK files to it.Click Select when the upload is complete.

Click Add other device Then PCI device(Add three times), Click VM Option,Boot Option Firmware to choose BIOS,Click Next.

5.Ready to complete

Click on Flnish to complete the creation

四、Install OpenWrt

1.Power on

The system automatically runs a piece of code, and after the interface is stable, press the enter key to display the following page. Enter a command to configure the network

nano etc/config/network

Configure the IP address of the LAN port based on your network environment

After the configuration is complete, press Ctrl+X to exit, then enter y and press enter to confirm,Enter the reboot command to reboot the system.

2.Web Settings

Enter the IP address in your browser to access OpenWrt.Username: root,Default password:password

Click Network interfaces, Edit LAN,add IPv4 gateway and NDS.


Click Physical settings,Select 'eth2' and 'eth3' in the interface,When you're done, click Save & Apply

The WAN can choose the mode of access to the Internet.

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